What we're making

Open Source Software

Open Source plays a major role in how we build products and solutions. We give back to our community by creating valuable, free, and easy-to-use software and tools.
Formik is the fastest growing form library for React.js. Trusted by thousands of companies including Airbnb, Walmart, Lyft, Coinbase, Reddit, Dropbox, each month more than 300 million people fill out a Formik-powered form.
Razzle is a build toolkit for universal server-rendered React web applications. In addition to some of our projects, it powers Cars.com and parts of Coinbase.com. Razzle is one of only two server-side React projects “blessed” by Facebook in the official React documentation.
Next.js-like framework for server-rendered React apps built with React Router 4
Backpack is build system for Node.js projects. In addition to our microservices, it is a popular choice in the Vue.js ecosystem and for CLI tools.
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